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SowdenDesign offers turnkey solutions for manufacturing. Drawing from an extensive pool of contract manufacturers, we negotiate production contracts on our clients' behalf, supervise tooling and maintain close communication with the manufacturer throughout
the process.

Part of our mission is to ensure the products we design can be affordably manufactured. With extensive backgrounds in mechanical engineering, materials science and manufacturing technologies, our designers enter the final phases of engineering with cost
effectiveness firmly in mind.

  • Design for assembly

  • Tooling specifications

  • Tooling supervision

  • Contract manufacturing services

SowdenDesign also offers a variety of support services to enhance the products we develop. Our goal is to make the production process as hassle-free for our clients as possible.

  • UL certifications

  • Package design

  • Technical documentation

  • Shipping

Cutting the mold for a chair.
Segis, Italy
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