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SowdenDesign offers complete product design, engineering, manufacturing and support services to take your product idea all the way from concept to market.

Recent innovations in computer-aided design and the growth of contract manufacturing help SowdenDesign make its services surprisingly affordable, even at low production volumes. This means microproduction and microbranding are cost-effective possibilities
as never before.

Because custom production is now accessible to clients of all sizes, SowdenDesign engineers and designers are as comfortable working with small businesses and first-time entrepreneurs as they are with large corporations and high-profile vendors.

We work closely with our clients from day one in order to realize a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and meets their specific needs. Because even our most basic design concepts are presented as 3-D computer models, which we then develop and engineer
in parallel, our turnaround time for finished products is among the best in the industry.

Throughout the entire process, we make communication and collaboration with clients our top priority.

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