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SowdenDesign and its work have been featured in countless magazine and newspaper articles over the years. Here are a few of the most recent. Please feel free to contact us if you need information on older articles.

Office (Germany)
- January 2004

Double page, portrait of George Sowden and the studio.

Form (Italy) - September/October 2003

Archicree (France) - July/August 2003

Domus (Italy) - April 2003

Product Design (China) - September 2002

Five page colour feature about our work, including a long interview with our principal, George Sowden.

Art & Decor (Turkey) - August 2002

Five page colour feature about our work, including a long interview with our princiapl, George Sowden.

Lighter (China) - June 2002

Six page colour feature about our work

COMDEX Daily (USA) - November 2001

Featured our Internet payphone

Indian Architect & Builder (India) - August 2001

A four page full color feature article about our company

Appliance Manufacturer (US) - March 2001

Features an article praising the Automatic Coffee Machine
we designed for Rancilio.

Kiosk Business (US) - October 2000

An article about good kiosks features our product for ACE Hardware.

Portable Computing (US) - August 2000

Pictures our Internet Kiosk for Get2Net in their article about "Internet Access on the Fly: Today's jet-setters don't ever have to stay out of touch..."

Mark Up (Italy) - June 2000

Referring to SowdenDesign's Get2Net Internet Kiosk, MarkUp, an Italian technology and lifestyle magazine, says: "Finally, hi-tech objects are easy to use and a pleasure to look at".

Home Center News (US) - June 5, 2000

In an article about the kiosk we designed for ACE Hardware, Home Center News, a hardware store trade magazine, says: " begins to pay off for Ace Hardware...and instore Kiosks are spurring the online venture even further".

Interni (Italy) - #500 - April, 2000

In a two page article about SowdenDesign, Interni, a trendy Italian design magazine, refers to our work as: "Objects invented to astonish, amuse, to enliven the vast, all-too-monotonous, range of merchandise in our every day life".

Atlanta Constitution (US) - April 6, 2000

The Constitution, in a business section article, discusses how our in-store retail kiosk will benefit ACE Hardware.

Computer Graphics (US) - Vol 23/4 - April 2000

In a two page feature, Computer Graphics looks at how SowdenDesign's use of 3D modeling software is applied to the design of complex electronic products.

The Age (Australia) - March 2000

Referring to our kiosk for Get2Net, The Age, a Sydney daily, says: "Internet kiosks have until now seemed expensive and hard to use, in stark contrast to the gorgeous, effortless video phones of Wim Wender's film Until The End of the World. In redesigning the net kiosk as the payphone of
the new millennium, SowdenDesign took a leaf out of Wender's book"

Form (Germany) - Vol 170, Nov/Dec 1999

The most prestigious German design magazine talks about our payphone design: "The phones feature amorphous forms and striking colors. Robust materials and solid mechanical parts make the phones relatively vandal-proof. George James Sowden, erstwhile colleague of Ettore Sottsass at Olivetti and Memphis
founding member, has already designed a series of award-winning phones and fax machines for Olivetti."

Axis (Japan) - Vol 81, Sept/Oct 1999

Axis, a Japanese based but internationally read design magazine, featured SowdenDesign in a five page article. They discussed a number of our designs, but focused on the payphone we designed for IPM.

Domus (Italy) - Issue 818, Sep 1999

Domus (Italy) - Issue 812, Feb 1999

Domus, one of the older Italian design magazines, features SowdenDesign over three pages. Talking about the nature of our work: "The underlying purpose of all Sowden's electronic designs is precisely to take the aggressiveness out of the electronics, by removing the male and 'mechanical' character
of early Japanese electronics, and then implementing a process of 'simplification' so that genuine creativity can be regained."

Modo (Italy) - Issue 194, Dec/Jan 98-99

Modo, talking about our payphone design: "Solidity and softness combine to constitute a "strong motif" within the new urban landscape". They also feature a two page interview with our founder, George Sowden.

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